Carb Crunching …

As I said last week, I am keen to change my eating habits in order to improve my overall well being. Part of cleaning up my diet meant trying to boost my metabolism so I decided to do some research into metabolism boosting foods. I found lots of lists of things one should eat in order to boost your metabolism but I wanted to check with a friend who is keen on nutrition,and who’s mother runs ‘The Juice Clinic on the island of Guernsey (see link at the end of this post) just to make sure I was being told the correct information. It turns out that the most effective way to boost your metabolism is to cut out carbohydrate after lunch. So that’s what I have been doing.

So far so good. This change in my diet has been great for two reasons. Firstly it means I have been having more of a ‘main meal’ at lunch time, therefore eating something lighter in the evenings – something we are constantly told to do. Plus it has meant my boyfriend and I have had to be a bit more creative with our cooking. It is very easy to fall into the rut of focussing your evening meal around pasta, rice or potatoes so by cutting these out we have had to try different and more interesting meals. Win win.

With this in mind this evening I decided I would try to make a no carb apple crumble, and my word was it good. I simply substituted the usual crumble (carby) topping for a mix of ground almonds and chopped hazel nuts. I did use butter to combine these two so it was not strictly low in fat, but it am keen to try this again substituting the butter for a lower fat option.
Tonight I am one happy bunny. I can still enjoy a sweet treat, but in a satisfyingly low carb fashion!

If you are keen to try some fabulous home made juices and are local to Guernsey look no further than


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