A Bobble of Water


We all need to drink more water. It’s a fact. I know I am a water snob, I don’t like drinking tap water because of the taste. But then I can’t afford and don’t want to be constantly buying bottle of water.
I first heard an out the Water Bobble from a friend who said it had really helped her to make more of an effort to drink more water so I couldn’t wait to get one myself. According to the website, the Bobble claims to Make water better and I can honestly say it does. I find I am not constantly turning to juice or squash when I am thirsty but I am enjoying fresh water from the tap. Although you do have to buy replacement filters, the site recommends every 2 months, this is much more cost effective and better for the planet than all those plastic bottles.

My Lilac lovely

My Lilac lovely

Overall I think this is a really good product. The shape of the bottle is great for exercising and drinking on the go due to the shapely design and I love the colour range of the filters.


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