Prom Queen ….

This week the boy and I were lucky enough to be given tickets to attend one of the Proms held at the Royal Albert Hall. A real treat for us, we donned our smart clothes and headed out for a night of 20th century classical music. I was very excited to discover one piece being performed was by Vaughn Williams, one of my favourite 20th century composers.

The tickets we had been given were bought cheap, so we weren’t expecting anything amazing from our seats. We were however very presently surprised to find we had an excellent view of the Conductor, Soprano soloist and the whole of the Violin section (this pleased me greatly as I play the violin & sing).

We saw Prom 71, which began with ‘Symphony No. 3’ by Gorecki, followed by Vaughn Williams’ ‘Four Last Songs’ and finishing with Tchaikovsky’s ‘Symphony No.6’. We both thoroughly enjoyed the concert, even if I was zoning out slightly by the end of the Tchaikovsky!

I would like to get to more classical concerts, living in the capital I have it all on my doorstep and I really should take more advantage of what is on offer in this amazing city. 


Running Like a Girl …

Last month I bit the bullet. I bought running shoes, sports wear and I got out there. It was hard. Horrible. But I did it. I am not naturally athletic and I felt pretty stupid but I want to improve my fitness and general well being. 

I bought this book on a whim, hoping it might give me some inspiration. ‘Running Like a Girl’ is part memoir, part how-to guide to running and I loved it. Heminsley has a writing style not dissimilar to that of Caitlin Moran, one of my favourite women, which is is friendly and comforting. She speaks of her first runs and how awful they felt and how she ended up running marathons. 
While I have no plans on running a marathon any time soon, it was great to have someone there to answer all the questions I had as someone who is just starting out. 
I thoroughly recommend this book wether you are wanting to run or not. 

Camping in small batches ….


So tonight the boy and I shall be staying at the beautiful ‘Small Batch’ campsite in deepest rural Shropshire. I cannot wait to show him more of this gorgeous county I have called home for the last 12 years and I will be dragging him up the ‘Long Mynd’ for a bracing walk! Although I have always loved camping, my love is not so sure so I hope this trip will prove to him what a lovely thing it really is (plus there is a pub just down the road so this should score some brownie points!). Tomorrow we are planning to hop over the border into Herefordshire to visit an owl farm, I am owl obsessed and cannot wait for this!

If anybody else wants to come and discover this beautiful part of the country I will leave you with their website for you to check out.

Three of the best . . . Initial Pendants


I have always wanted a simple, but beautiful initial pendant. I often find it difficult to find things with the letter I on, so the hunt for one is even more important to me. I think all three of these pendants fit the bill perfectly; simple enough to be worn every day, but classic and elegant. Now I just need to save those pennies or hope I have been good enough to receive one for my birthday in November!

Links – &

Want Want Want #2


i used to adore Cath Kidston products and then i suddenly went off them. I got a bit bored with the same old floral patterns and it seemed like every girl and her nanna had a CK bag. That was until I spotted the new season prints and once again I was in love! I love birds and anything that has them on so the new Garden Birds line has my vote. I guess I could save myself £60 and make my own as it is a pretty simple style of dress, but I doubt I would find such perfect fabric.

Reuseable Makeup Remover Pads

After spotting these numerous times on Pinterest I decided I would have a go at making my own reusable makeup remover pads.

It was really really simple!
I simply cut up a cotton face cloth into 9 squares. Cut 9 squares of fabric the same size. Sewed a pice of face cloth to the fabric, right sides together along three side of the square. I then turned the squares the right side out and top stitched the final side together.
I tried them for the first time last night and they were lovely and soft on my sensitive skin. Plus I am saving the planet and my pennies in the  process 🙂