Green Smoothies


So I have recently done a running jump on to the green smoothie bandwagon and boy am I glad I did. I try and have one every morning as part of my breakfast and then sometimes later on as a mid afternoon/evening snack.

They are a great way of getting some of your five a day (or how ever many it is now). I like to include a handful of spinach or broccoli, sometimes both, in each smoothie as an extra nutrient boost. I know that veggies in a smoothie may sound awful to some but once I have packed it with all the fruits I can’t even taste them. This is also great sneaky way of getting kids to eat more veg!

My current favorite combination is as follows –
1 cup coconut water
1 handful spinach
1/4 cucumber
1 banana
1 apple
the juice of 1 lime

Why not try this beauty out and tell me what you think?